Saturday, March 8, 2014

Teachers Pay Teachers

I am shamelessly putting in a plug for myself - I just set up my own Teachers Pay Teachers store!  I will be posting a lot of free products, but not all.  My husband and I are trying to save up to adopt another child - and adoption is extremely expensive, so visit my store and see if there is anything you like!

One free product that I am currently using is my "Button You Must Wander" presentation.  This song is great for 1st/2nd grade to practice quarter rests, quarter notes, and paired eighth notes.  Here is a preview of the presentation:  

It includes lyrics, steady beat slides, iconic rhythmic notation slides to identify the rest, tas, and ti-tis, as well as stick rhythmic notation and game instructions.

I am currently using this with my first graders to practice rests.  Look for another post soon with pictures on how they are using another product!

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