Monday, March 31, 2014

5 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers and an extended flash freebie!

I just sold my first product on Teachers Pay Teachers yesterday!  And I now have 5 whole followers.  Now, I know that's not a lot, but you've got to start somewhere.  Time to celebrate!  And, to celebrate, I'm loading a free file to my Teachers Pay Teachers store:  Little Sally Water.

I use this song in 1st grade to practice ta and ti-ti, as well as to present "la."  Here is a preview:
Rhythmic presentation slides:
Melodic presentation slides:
Game ideas:  
A copy of the song:
And even a worksheet you could leave for a sub - or do yourself :)

The whole thing is free only until April 5, 2014 - so go get your copy now.  And don't forget to leave me a rating so I can get better and better at doing this stuff :)  You can find it here: Little Sally Water song file 

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