About Me

I have been singing and playing instruments ever since I can remember.  The oldest daughter of a high school choir teacher, it was up to me to set the "musical" example for my younger sisters.  I began taking private piano lessons at age 5 and private violin lessons at age 7.  I participated in school choirs, orchestras, and bands.  I received a Bachelor Degree from Utah State University in Music Education with a Choral Emphasis and recently finished my Masters Degree in Music Education from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.  I have completed Level I Orff Schulwerk certification and all 3 levels of Kodaly certification.
After 4 years of teaching public school, grades K-12 in choir, general music, band and orchestra, I took two years off from working outside of the home to raise my beautiful little daughter, Lydia.  But, I couldn't stay out of the music world!  I decided to teach private violin and piano lessons as well as music classes for young children, to share the love that I have gained for music with future generations.  In the 2012-2013 school year, I went back to working full-time, while still teaching my private students.

I started my teaching career at a K-9 charter school in Utah, where I taught orchestra, band, choir, and general music to all 10 grade levels.  Crazy - and I did it for 2 years!  We then moved to Ohio, where I taught grades 9-12 choir and keyboard music, for 2 more years.  We then moved to Georgia, where I taught at another charter school, but this one only grades K-5 - and I taught general music, choir, and band.  We have recently moved (AGAIN!) to Kansas, where I currently teach grades K-5 in general music and choir.  Call me crazy with all of the moving, but all of my experience has taught me some life lessons, and I have learned so much about different cultures and areas of the country - it has truly been rewarding.