Thursday, October 20, 2016

Miss White: a movement activity

Most of you are probably familiar with the chant "Miss White."  I love this chant and use it every October!

I found a great resource on TpT - not mine - that teaches this chant well and is a great set-up for either introducing or practicing ta ti-ti.  You can find it here.

Anyway, after I introduce the chant, I've always been at a loss as to what to do with it from there.  I've been tweaking this movement plan for a couple of years, and I finally love what I have.

First, I tell the students that my music classroom has become "haunted."  I have laminated pictures of ghosts with numbers, that have different rhythms on the botttom.  Examples:

I spread these ghosts around the floor, and the students travel around the room while saying the chant in a "ghostly" voice.  They have to stop near a ghost and clap the rhythm on it.  We do a couple of group practices ..... then ...... oh no!  Somebody called the Ghostbusters! I pull a number out of a container, and whichever students are at that ghost are eliminated!  They first must clap their rhythm as a solo or in a small group.  We continue playing until only one student or group of students is left.  Basically, it's kind of like musical chairs, but way less dangerous :)

For my eliminated students, I don't like them just sitting out doing nothing, so I send them over to the tubanos, and they play the rhythm of the chant while the others are walking around.  It keeps them engaged the whole time, and they love giving me a drumroll before I announce the next elimination. 
Small and simple, yet so fun!  My kids love this activity.  Hope you all can find a use for it.  Happy October!

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