Friday, November 21, 2014

Bach Badinerie - pie rhythms!

One of Bach's great pieces to work on ti-tika and tika-ti is his "Badinerie."
I went to a workshop a few years ago in Savannah, Georgia when I was living there (oh, how I miss the sunshine) where Darva Campbell presented a lot of great Orff ideas.  She has a great body percussion lesson with this piece - you can find it here.  Also, in her conference notes from the menu on the top she has lots of other great ideas to use with classical music :)

Anyway, as I am still focused on Thanksgiving and using the Orff training I received this past summer, I added the following words to the A section of "Badinerie."

I split up my class into 5 groups to work on their section.  First, they clapped the rhythms, then figured out their own body percussion with these rhythms.  They had so much fun!

Finally, we added their body percussion to a recording of "Badinerie," and performed with the recording!  We also identified the B section as stuff they don't know yet.....I plan on going back and having them help me create lyrics to that section.

For any Kodaly people, this is at the stage where we are practicing these rhythms.  I think adding the Orff stuff helps cement things, especially during the practice stages.  I love that this piece isolates the tika-ti in one measure, and the ti-tika in another, keeping them separate but distinct.

I love incorporating both Orff and Kodaly ideas in my classroom.  They really work so well together - you just have to get creative :)

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