Saturday, August 30, 2014

Engine Engine Number Nine

Engine, engine number nine
Going down Chicago Line.
If the train falls off the track,
Will I get my money back?
That's the way I learned it - there are so many versions, all of them good but a little different.
Such a great chant for teaching ta, ti-ti, steady beat, and so much more!  I also like using it to get the students to improvise a so-mi melody.  So many uses!

A couple of years ago, I found these really cute mini train whistles on Oriental Trading. 
I just checked, and they don't carry these exact ones anymore, but they have other cute train stuff, including some cute wind-up trains I'm really tempted to buy.
Like many of you, I love using this chant to prepare/present/practice steady beat, quarter notes and eighth notes.  My kids really like it too, because I always have them form little trains and walk around the room to either the beat or the rhythm, depending on what we are working on.
Then, I came across these adorable train track beat charts on  (I just adore her blog - she's got so many great songs and resources)
I thought it would be great to actually give each student a train whistle so they could visually move it across the chart as the song progresses, like this: 
Instant success!  Some of my (1st grade) kiddos were having a hard time pointing at regular beat from left to right, but the little manipulative really helped them.  Love it so much!

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