Friday, September 20, 2013



I have thought of starting this music education blog for a long time now, but just with moving to a different state, husband starting his PhD program (also in music:  vocal pedagogy), beginning my 4th teaching job, and various other life events, I have kept procrastinating.  Well, the procrastination is finally over, and I thought that in honor of it being a Friday, I would start my blog with a song I have been singing for 15 years.

I think my love of Fridays dates way back to high school, when I just couldn't wait to get out of school for the weekend.  My Chemistry teacher in high school, Ms. Mazaros, fueled this love of the weekend by singing "The Friday Song" every week!  In honor of her, in all of the schools I have taught at, I've taught the kids this song:

The lyrics are:
Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day!
Monday is a bummer, Tuesday's only fair, 
Wednesday's getting better, and Thursday's almost there,
But Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite, 
Friday is my favorite, Friday is my favorite day!

You'll have to forgive the notation - since I am the primary (and only) income earner in my family at the current moment, I use a free music notation software right now that I can't figure out how to get tied notes to work (MuseScore is great for simple things, though:  I'll play around with it, and I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point.....
Anyway, the rhythms are meant to be swung, not straight.

My kids, at all 4 schools that I have taught at, and I have taught all grade levels from K-12, have learned this song, and they all love it.  Some love it so much that they ask to sing it on Wednesdays!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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